SNMP manager sample

I have a question.

I’m trying to make two devices communicate alert by SNMP protocol.

One such device, which is the SNMP agent on this IP:, and to connect this equipment alert by MIB Browser I can read and write data to it normally.

A second gear is on the same network from the above, the IP equipment he uses DIGI and I would like to read the above equipment infomações alert by SNMP.

My debt and how I can do this. Is there any example to help me?

I use DIGI Connect ME v 7.4


From within Digi ESP look at the following projects:
SNMP Sample
SNMP V3 Sample
(File->New->NET+OS Sample Project)

Both bring up a CLI that among other things allows you to send out sample traps. You can use that code to see how to use the APIs for sending traps.