SNMP Trap Configuration


Once SNMP traps are configured how do you distinguish at the trap receiver end (i.e. a PC running an SNMP Trap Monitor) which trap has occurred?

i.e. if you set GPIO2 and 3 to send traps when they are low the SNMP Monitor shows the traps coming in but there is no ‘description’ to show which GPIO triggered which trap (the Generic and Specific trap numbers for both GPIO2 and GPIO3 produced traps are the same).

Although there is an ‘Alarm Description’ (in the alarms configuration - destination screen) this seems to be related to emails only.

I see there is some mention of a ‘DisplayString’ in the DIGI-SERIAL-ALARM-TRAPS.mib which seems to be able to determine which text to display but it is not clear how it differentiates which trap occurred (which GPIO) and why.

Ideally I require a message to appear (along with the trap) which shows “GPIO2 Low” etc.

Thank you

What Digi product is this related to?

Hello Jeremym, I answered my own question (it was a Connect ME and it was because I was using a poor SNMP utility, a replacement showed the message).