SNMP manager sample

I have a question.

I’m trying to make two devices communicate alert by SNMP protocol.

One such device, which is the SNMP agent on this IP:, and to connect this equipment alert by MIB Browser I can read and write data to it normally.

A second gear is on the same network from the above, the IP equipment he uses DIGI and I would like to read the above equipment infomações alert by SNMP.

My debt and how I can do this. Is there any example to help me?

I use DIGI Connect ME v 7.4

Hello, Just for your information I can give you a brief description about the SNMP.
I hope Digi Connect ME works as SNMP Agent.

SNMP manager manages the all SNMP Agents, that means from the SNMP manager you can get the SNMP agent information by using the Object IDs.

You can use your Windows 7 PC as a SNMP manager to get or set informatioin from Agent.

There are some third party tools like "power snmp"or “Net-SNMP 5.5.0” to use pc as a SNMP manager. Pls go through the below link and search in the internet to get more informatio about the SNMP manager.

There is one more tool to receive traps from the SNMP agent

I hope this helps you.