SNMP read/write

Hi. I´m developing a system based in Digi Connect Me. I have requirements to fulfill. I need execute read/write operation through SNMP. Digi Connect user guide say about SNMP implementation:

“While its capabilities are limited to device monitoring and display of statistics in Connect
devices, read/write capabilities are expected to be added to Connect devices in
future releases.”

Are there some new firmware for Digi Connect Me to do read/write operations over SNMP?

I must use SNMP, is a requirement. Many thanks.

If you use the custom version, where you write your own code, you can certainly both read and write with SNMP.

I admit that this is a little old but in NET+OS V7.5 the example application shows how to create code (using the MIB compiler) allowing the agent to read/write from request from a MIB browser. There is also code in the applicaton show how to write from the application (not based on a request from a MIB browser). This would be used to update device data in the MIB where the change was based on some change in the device as opposed to a change requested from a MIB browser.