Take advantage of MIB files - Digi IAP

Dear Forum;
I have a prgram to request OIDs from a snmp device.
Please see attachment, it is very basic…I write the IP address, the OID I want to read…and I have the answer.
How can I use this to read my DIGI IAP’s info?.
I read I have to compile the MIB file ( from DIGI)…but I dont have the tool associated to my free snmp software.
I just want to read CPU utilization, TCP/IP traffic…
Do you think I couls just type the IP address, the OID and that’s all?
I’ll appreciate your help

I’ll ask someone who knows.

As I understand SNMP, you don’t need to mess with MIB files to make the remote SNMP server “function” - if you are just reading OID then you are always free to just read away.

The text MIB compile is only useful if you desire a host “browse tool” to give you fancy windows matching results to tag names etc. However, determining the OID could take such a tool I guess.

By the way, if you scout around Digi’s support site you should find a utility call “Digi Port Authority” (or DPAR for short). It is a debug tool which gives you CPU utilization, memory free and some other interesting stats via (I believe) SNMP. DPAR has been displaced by the simpler “Device Discovery Tool”, but DPAR still works.

Thanks for your answer.
Here you have my freesnmp activex for testing.
I appreciate your help