SNMP oids in a simple clear format

I have created a demo application to query the connect me module with a simple SNMP query

this works fine

Query with this Oid

I recieve this response

Digi Connect ME Version 82001116_K 09/16/2008

I’m searching for a means to enable our software to autodetect our devices on their local network

My question is where can I obtain a list of valid oids to use against the connect me module

Specifically any - Private ones

I have looked at the MIB provided but these files dont lay out the oids I can use in a simple clear manner


Frank Bishop

An OID under ( must be obtained by IANA ( The request for a private enterprise oid is free. Once you have obtained your own private oid you can then use it to create your own custom sub-tree under that oid. The Digi examples are just that, examples. You must define your own variables. Although the variables under ( are already implemented for you. You may be able to use those to create your auto-detect. If you want a list of those just “walk” the tree using “SMNPB” or some other SNMP MIB browser or manager. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your timely response I’ll be sure and investagate your suggestion. I have been able to use a mibbrowser (ireasoning MIB browser) to look at a large number of mibs including the digi ones provided. So far I’ve been largely unsucessful in finding useful OID’s and obtaining responses from them

These work



These appear not to



It may be the case that my code has issues returning different types of data for example OCTET STRING vs a DisplayString

I’ll also look closer at observing the responses with wire shark to verify if the poblem is at my end . Along with continuing to investagate differnt aspects of interacting with SNMP such as broadcasting a query and setting up a trap

Thanks Again

Merry Christmas