snmp v3 sample


I’m working on connectme9210 with NetOS V7.5
I need using snmp function, and I tried the sample nasnmpv3.

For V3 users, from the sample, I see:
The snmpV3 agent have 3 default users:
User initial for auth, priv
User initial1 for auth, no priv
User initial2 for no auth, no priv

When snmp V3 agent start, those 3 default users automatically created, and the sample create 3 more users
User secureUser for auth, priv
User authUser for auth, no priv
User insecureUser for no auth, no priv

I tried user initial and user secureUser, both for auth, priv
The user initial work, but user secureUser fail.
That means I can only use default user, could not use my own user.

Is something wrong?



Now, it work.