MicroLogix 1100 to Digi One IAP

Just a note - I received my first uLgx 1100 this week and I see it handles “CIP Connections” in a way I didn’t think was legal. But then, I am sure that “Lynn is wrong” since AB cannot be :slight_smile: I hear there is new firmware for the uLgx 1100 already, but I need to support the old/first rev before I look to upgrade my unit.

If you activate uLgx 1100 MSG blocks to target a DOIAP with E, E1, or F firmware, the DOIAP will eventually crash due to the way the uLgx appears to keep opening new “CIP Connections” but never closing any old ones.

Setting an “idletimeout” on the DOIAP Ethernet/IP master of say 10 minutes seems to side-step the issue (don’t leave it zero or disabled). I only tested this in new “F” firmware. I’ll need to change the DOIAP firmware to gracefully understand this behavior (regardless if uLgx 1100 is right or wrong).