update digi one IA /IAP

Looking for upgrading my digi one IA to the new firmware by web page. when i open it i only see http update under admin and then opens it browse for the POST image on my computer and submit but can not up grade it. firmware try to load the new POST image but can not. the version on the digi is *******_b can you help me.

Sorry for the late reply - I was travelling when you posted and missed the notice.

I am not so familar with the Digi One IA (just the DOIAP).

Latest firmware for DOIA is 82000774_G.bin from June 2005. This adds a Modicon CEV-like Modbus Bridge to the cheaper DOIA. But it is (of course on purpose) more limited than the Modbus Bridge on the DOIAP. The primary difference is the DOIA only supports 10 active master connections, whereas the DOIAP supports 64 concurrent sockets. The DOIAP also has richer network-to-network bridging (ie: Modbus/TCP to Modbus/UDP etc).

The POST (ie: BIOS) is a bit tricky because there are 2 versions. What is the NUMBER of your POST? 8000775 or 8001178? That defines which new POST you need (8000775_F.bin or 8001178_c.bin respectively). If you tried to load the fairly large “G” firmware without changing the POST first, I cannot promise your unit still works. As I said, I don’t normally work with the DOIA - I was only involved to activate the Modbus bridge. I’ll need to ask around for a solution if that is your problem.