Migration from AccelePort to Etherlite

At the moment we are planning to migrate a Windows Server with a Digi Acceleport 16p to VMWare. To keep the 16 COM-ports, we think about replacing the Acceleport for an Etherlite. We cannot afford losing the communication with the COM-ports, so we would like to use the Acceleport and the Etherlite on the same server.

Is it possible to install the Etherlite with the Realport software on the same physical server that is having the Acceleport interface card and drivers and after that can we migrate port by port instead of all 16 in one go?

It IS possible to install both the Realport driver (which the Etherlite uses) and the Acceleport 16p driver on the same server. The two will not interfere with each other.

However, I would recommend a Portserver TS16 rather than an Etherlite 160.

My reason is that the Portserver TS product has the same RJ45 pinout as an Acceleport 16p with RJ45 cabling option. The Etherlite’s RJ45 is pinned differently than the Portserver TS and Acceleport.

In other words, you’d need to make a change to your serial cable pinouts if your Acceleport uses the RJ45 pinout option in order to use it with the RJ45 on the Etherlite.