Minimum connections?

I’m using 2 XBEE ZNet 2.5 series 2 units. The router/end device(API) is reading an analogue input and transmitting the sample to the coordinator(API).

My understanding is that the router/end device will need just 3 pins, VCC, GND and the analogue input (I can’t find any mention of a Vref pin in the datasheet).

The coordinator transmits the received information to a microcontroller. Can this be done using just VCC, GND, DIN and DOUT?

Can anybody see a problem with this set-up? anybody have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jon,
This is not possible with ZNet. You could do this using ZB firmware:

You would need to set the IR command to a value greater than 0 (default). That determines how often, in milliseconds that it sends it’s line state data to it’s target. The target is defined by the DH and DL values. This is defined in the Xbee manual: