missing AP MicroPython REPL [4] Option Xbee Firmware 4060

Hey there,
we are currently trying to get MicroPython to work using XCTU 6.5.5 and are having difficulties.
We have succesfully added, as per the digi.com guides for the XBee Zigbee Mesh Kit, Xbee 3 Zigbee RF Module and the Xbee 3 Modules Guide.

But, and that’s the problem here, there is no Attribute
MicroPython REPL [4]
at the AP Field.
Someone has had this problem before (some post from 2017) but we have the newest firmware (4061 for the ZIGBEE Reg) on all three modules that were included on the mesh kit.
There are only three options for the AP field:
Transparent mode [0]
API enabled [1]
API enabled with escaping [2]

but no MicroPython REPL [4] in sight.
Any ideas?

Like many problems, we were looking at the wrong place. We got the wrong mesh kit, we got Xbee 2 Boards, not Gen 3. So, yeah, maybe check twice that you got the right board.

I am glad to see that you figured it out.