There is no MicroPython REPL [4] option in XCTU

I want to use MicroPython on my cellular XBEE but when I follow the instructions by going to the XTCU and changing the API Enable Setting to MicroPython REPL [4], I find that the option is marked as NA [4], and when I try to write that option to the XBEE I get an AP: Status Error

I notice that when I try to add the module manually and I click the radio button “The radio module is programmable” it won’t allow me to actually add the device. Instead it will tell me to reset the module by pressing the reset button over and over again. It’s almost as if the cellular XBEE isn’t programmable, but that would be stupid for a “development” kit.

Error writing the following AT parameters:

  • AP: Status Error

XBEE Cellular and XBIB-U Dev Board both recently bought, using a Mac, usbserial-141, plugged into wall with DC adapter.

XCTU Version: 6.3.8
Build ID: 20170518-2

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That is because you are using an earlier firmware version. You need to be using firmware version 1008 or above for that function to exist.


…and for those looking for the same information about XBee3 Zigbee modules (no cellular) the firmware version required to see option “MicroPython REPL [4]” is 1003.