Missing data and corrupted data

Thanks for your answer!

Original question: http://www.digi.com/support/forum/44689/can-single-xbee-wifi-s6b-send-and-receive-data-at-the-same-time

From the PC end when the user hits a button I’m sending very small packets to the Xbee wifi rf - 3 bytes each. Is it normal to miss some of the packets coming from the PC while the Xbee is sending data? Shouldn’t they be saved in the Serial Receive Buffer?

What happens now is that the Xbee will sometimes miss a packet then the next packet it will read will be corrupted. I’m sending “0xAA 0xA1 0x02” and the xbee receives: “0xAA 0xA1 0x7E”
This happens consistently every time after xbee has missed a packet… it is very frustrating so far…

I didn’t mention before that I’m using LPC4088 to talk to the xbee and I found out that there’s no way to enable CTS/RTS flow control on UART 4 of the lpc4088.

Any advice or suggestion will be super helpful.


Have you looked at the VCC/current on your device?

Have you looked at the voltage level between the Tx and Rx lines of the two devices? That is make sure they are both 3V CMOS level?

Are you sending the data in data packets or are you having some delay between bytes?