corrupted data after ~100.000 packets

i am currently working on a low latency connection between 2 xbee pro modules running with firmware V

i am using API mode and everything works until about 100.000 packets have been received

example of the data i get:

00 52 3d 81 32 52 3c 00 01 f8 f9 0e fd c1 32

7e 00 0a 81 32 52 3c 00 01 f8 f9 0e fd c1

the second one is a real API packet, the first is just crap with parts of the right packet in it

seems to me like firmware bug

quick fix for me was software reset every ~50k packets, but this gives me sometimes bad latency cause of the 100ms reset time

can anyone help?

Try updating the firmware to 10CD. I bet that should do the trick for you.