Modbus over Zigbee using XBee-Pro Zigbee RS485 Adapter and Xbee Gateway


I’m trying to get Modbus over Zigbee using “XBee-Pro Zigbee RS485 Adapter” and “Xbee Gateway”.
I other words: Read and write Modbus registers on an external device connected to XBEE-Pro Zigbee Adapter from(/through) XBEE Gateway.

I have found a description for doing this with the “CPX4” with the “Industrial Automation” (IA) features:

…but not for the XBEE Gateway. It does not have the IA feature (out of the box anyways)…

I have the ESP IDE installed as I tought that would be the place to start, but there is no test application (and no “devices” that seems to support this) doing the same as for the “CPX4”.

Any pointers on where to start to achieve the above goal on the XBEE Gateway is much appricated!

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