Modulation (Protocol..?) Issue

First off, my primary interest is in the rf signal of the devices; I’m having a bit of a challenge “communicating” between [2x] XBee Mesh kit devices. Let’s call them Unit#1 and Unit#2 - they establish a network successfully, and I am able to communicate to bidirectionally via API frames. Looking at the output with a wired in spectrum analyzer I was able to identify IQ (modulation components), however “something” changed and I am no longer able to. Visually the signal looks consistent when looking at spectrum data… but no IQ quadrature data seems to be encoded… My current suspicion is that the modulation scheme somehow changed. Oh - worth noting is there was an incident firmware update done from Xb3-24 100d, to Xb3-24 1012. Thanks for any help!

This is not a Digi Mesh network. This is a Zigbee network with a new Zigbee Stack in the firmware(1012).

I’m confused at your reply - I did not say it was a Digi Mesh network. I said I have the Digi Mesh Kit. I also said I am using the Zigbee protocol (firmware rev. 1012)…

What I would suggest is downgrading one of the two modules to 1010 and leaving the other at 1012. Then check both modules after they have joined the network. If your settings are correct on your spectrum analyzer., you should be able to see it on both units.

Good suggestion - I have tried this. Reverted 1 then both to 1010 (as well as 100d). The devices are still forming a network. The issue is in the rf data itself. I initially identified QPSK data (IQ plot looked consistent with expectation for both). Something has now changed that I am not seeing quadrature lock… is there a setting that I am missing where one defines the modulation scheme?

No, there is no setting for this. It is part of the Zigbee stack and is not adjustable.

Ok. So, follow-on question. I have 6 of the Mesh kit boards. 2 of them associated and formed a network. This is the case where I was identifying modulated transmissions. Unfortunately, with every one of the others (whether assigned as routers or coordinators) will not discover one another. Which is the case where I am seeing a network discover beacon. How do I reliably connect each of these devices into a network? I have reverted, and updated, and reverted firmware - presently on 1010 (all units)
Below are the configurable Parameters:
ID: 1234 (for all units)
NI: Unit 001, … #006 (respectively)
JV: Enabled
SC: 0200

I would suggest setting them as routers. Then issue a local network reset (ATNR0).