The collection of knowledge bases of Digi about XBee 2.4GHz



1.How do I install the USB drivers for a USB Interface Board in a Windows Vista or Windows 7 environment?

2.The Major Differences in the XBee Series 1 vs. the XBee Series 2

3.Converting the XBee PWM to an analog voltage for DAC (Digital to Analog Conversion)

4.Escaped Characters and API Mode 2

5.Range Testing with a ZigBee Mesh Network

6.The AT Command Set

7.Calculating the Checksum of an API Packet

and more,

chobichan, thanks for posting that useful list.

I felt guilty as I read it, because a while ago I had tried to produce something similar as a permuted index to the titles. I never published it because I could see no way of keeping it up to date given that there is no contents list for the knowledge base. At least, not that I ever discovered.

So I’d like to ask: how did you identify which were the articles relevant to the 2.4GHz models?

If you found a better answer than “exhaustive search”, maybe we can work together on this.


I went to Home > Support > Knowledge Base of the site of Digi.

Operating System=any

Product=XBee/XBee PRO 802.15.4 modules or XBee/XBee PRO ZB (S2) modules or XBee/XBee PRO ZB (S2B) modules


The filter was performed on the above-mentioned conditions, and finally it actually read, and made it the list.

Do you know, it never occurred to me to leave the keyword blank! Thanks for the tip.

Now watch this space while I play with it :slight_smile:

This is terrific. My "Common XBee Mistakes " page covers some of the topics from a troubleshooting point of view, however this is a very useful extension of that shorter list. Nice work!

wwww [:))]

My "Common XBee Mistakes " page covers some of the topics from a troubleshooting point of view.

I think that all the XBee users should print this page, and should stick on a desktop. [:D]

I bought the book written by you.
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