Cookbook updated - now at version 1.4

I’ve updated the cookbook to version 1.4, with a clarification on the IU parameter and a note on baud rate accuracy for the different XBee models. There’s also the start of an appendix on custom baud rates, but as yet that’s only a stub. Appendix D holds the change log.

See pinned posts for the download link.

Now I’d like to make a request to forum users, because in fact I receive very little feedback on the cookbook and the other resources (FAQ and packet-check).

  1. Do you find (or have you in the past found) these resources useful? Which ones? Which parts of them? Where should I concentrate any future efforts?

  2. Have you tried them and decided they were NOT useful? If so, how could they be improved? Don’t be afraid to make what might seem like negative comments - I can take it :slight_smile:

  3. Any other suggestions or requests? I make no promises but I’ll certainly consider them.