XBee Resources

There’s a set of XBee resources that I maintain on my website. I make them public in the hope that a few people might find them useful.

The Unofficial FAQ is a document that I put together from a forum trawl. It attempts, as the name suggests, to answer the most frequent questions that people have asked. The FAQ was originally intended to cover series 1 XBees running 802.15.4 firmware, but several of the answers turn out to be more general.

The Unofficial Cookbook is a PDF document. It started life as my collection of notes when I first started using XBees, but I’ve been updating it since then in response to forum posts and requests. A few people have been kind enough to say they found it helpful. The cookbook covers series 1 modules running 802.15.4 firmware.

The packet-check program is a utility written in Tcl that will decode API packets and deliver an annotated version of their contents, with any errors highlighted. The Tcl interpreter is a free download for all major platforms so you can run the program under Linux, Mac or Windows (and many others). The packet-check program covers all API packets for all XBee models.

You can find these resources on my website at

Error reports and suggestions for improvement will be welcomed.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Digi - I’m just a happy customer. Digi aren’t responsible for any mistakes I may have made, but they have been generous with help and guidance and I gratefully acknowledge that.