Packet check program extended

Over in the 802.15.4 forum, I’ve been maintaining a few resources including a program (Tcl script) called packet-check.tcl.

The idea is that you enter an API packet and the program analyses it for you and tells you what it means and whether there are any errors in the packet. If there are errors it tries to give helpful messages.

Up to now, the program has worked with 802.15.4 packets only. However, I’ve just released a new version (1.2) which should cope with all packets for 802.15.4, DigiMesh, ZNet2.5 and Zigbee.

If you’re interested in using this program, see the pinned posts at the top of the 802.15.4 forum for the link to my web site. It’s free of course.

To use the program you’ll need to have the Tcl interpreter installed. It’s free and it’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Apologies for the cross-posting, but this seemed to be one case where it was appropriate.