Assistance spec'ing hardware & docs for a Xbee network

Hi all:

I have the high-level architecture I need for a network. However, I am uncertain on:

  1. if it is feasible,
  2. which xbee/zigbee hardware would best accommodate it, and
  3. where I can find the associated documentation to bootstrap the prototype

i made a nice diagram here: =====> <=====

note, all hexagon shapes are xbee modules.

  • i currently have some series2 s2cs-- i was thinking those could be a good fit for A’s & B’s?
  • B’s and C’s could be wired together vs wireless if required

thanks for your time! i’m looking forward to learning this stuff!

May I suggest you contact your Regional Digi Sales office and talk to a Sales Engineer? They can help you answer all of these questions and they will tell you flat out if it will work or not. They are not out to just sell you a product. It is their own best interest that your application works. If it is not going to work, they will tell you up front.