Module will not boot.

I have a module that will not boot. The DRAM test returns:

Enter choice (ESC to exit-Hardware Diagnostic Tests)[12] :1
* Testing DRAM Failed. retCode = 33688032.
Continuous mode currently Off

Any ideas? I would hate to have to trash the ME module - they are expensive.

No response so I pulled an all-nighter. This is the old problem of the flash formatting which I forgot about. I ran the erase program and then it all worked.

I have the same problem - where can i get (download) this flash formatting program?

Sorry, I didn’t see your post. (Arn’t I supposed to get an email when someone posts a response?)

Anyway, I looked for the old thread but couldn’t find it (it was over a year ago), so I posted it on my web site:

Hope it helps.