Modules droppping out of network


I’m using xbee pro DM 2.4 with 804b firmware.

Here is the situation:

i have 8 modules connected to a µc. 1 module is connected with the computer.

I broadcast a message to the µc and they respond, but after some random time (can be minutes can be days) units drop out of the network.
Strange thing is that it’s only possible to make them rejoin the network by resetting/power-cycling the failing unit.
I prefer broadcasting cause unicasting each unit consumes to much time (with 8 units its ok, but depending on the project the number of units in the network may vary between 5 and 60 wich would generate to much delay)

Does anyone have encountered a similar problem?

Kind regards

Check your SO option on the nodes. Only one should be set to the interfered sleep coordinator.

All modules are in normal mode…

Yes I too am having series 1 DM modules drop out.

I have two dev boards, sleep set up so red associate light flashes every 30 seconds on both boards.

Then after a few hours both boards show solid red light and the three green signal lights are lit up all the time.

I have the I/O input switches working, so several presses on those gets the green signal lights to disappear but the red light stays on.

but then the green lights flash like the boards waking from sleep.

On the X-CTU terminal you get data appearing but it can be a long time after you press the buttons.

again resetting both boards is the only way to get them to work again.

any ideas?

I’ve contacted the digi support and they where not able to reproduce the problem.

I’m now broadcasting a soft reset followed by a small delay before continuing. with any communication.
So far this helps, tough i don’t believe it’s the most solid solution nor the way the product should work.

As an extra what you could do is, in case your remote module is connected to a µC is to reset the module periodically , by means of reset pin or ATFR command…

hope this helps.

Ok i figured out that the modules were not actually syncing to each other, so I spoke with Digi support and they told me to change my sleep coordinators value to…

SO = 1

Now if I adjust the SP or ST values on the sleep coordinator then the other modules when they wake automatically adjust to the same values.

I have tested overnight and the modules are all still sleeping and waking correctly.

I am now powering down my coordinator to see if the modules will still continue to work.