More than 16 Endpoints / Nodes

I have a connect port X8 which is collecting data quite happily from 16 XBee Nodes running ZNET2.5, and the python serial application.

All the nodes are using ZNET 2.5 Router/End Device AT version 1247

When I try and add a 17th device, I start to get communications issues, with no data being received for varying devices. If I turn off the 17th device everything goes back to normal.

I have tried using 2 different modules for the 17th and get the same results so it does not appear to be an issue with the node/module.

Is this an issue with the python application on the X8, or am I missing something else?

Any help appreciated.

Are the 16 devices routers (ATSM = 0) or end devices (ATSM > 0)?

What communication issues do you see with 17 devices? Are you sending data between the coordinator and routers? Can the routers talk to each other?


The 16 end devices are all running router/end point software, are mains powered so i have ATSM=0.

I can see all 17 devices listed in the XBee Network pages on the x8, so it does not appear to be a network issue, more an application issue.

All endpoints are passively listening to a serial port (data capture). This data is relayed to the python script running on the X8 (As included in the starter kit).

I then have a C# application that queries the X8 using RPC to find out the port to connect to for a given node name.

The application then connects on the relevant port (e.g. 27001 or greater), I then parse the returned data.

This works fine for the first 16 devices, when I add the 17th device, I can see the 17 active connections from the PC running the application to the X8, but I will not receive get any data from various endpoints.

The application is successfuly connecting to 17 ports on the x8 (1 for each end point/device) but the data is not being returned from various devices, not just the 17th.



A Support case was opened regarding this. After looking at the NC parameter on the gateway and the fact that all XBee nodes are associated, its appearing to be an issue with the python script itself, so that’s what we’re looking into now.

If this does turn out to be a python issue, I’ll move this thread to the proper forum, as well as edit the thread the file was obtained from and state the device limit if that turns out to be the case.