Help - End points that exchange network


I have a problem and would like that someone help me to find a solution.

I need to set three mesh networks to track a few objects with end points attached to them. The objects can move, leaving the area of a network and enter the area of another network.

I managed to get the networks but I can´t make the end points leave a network and automatically connect to another network and transmit data.

I know that this problem occurs because when you start the network the end points synchronizes the channel of communication with the coordinator and the channel remains constant until the end point or the coordinator are reset.

My question is: Is there a way to make the end points to realize a new scan of channel when they lose communication with the network which is connected without having to restart the modules?

I am using Xbee pro Znet series 2. For configuration of the modules I’m using the firmwares XBP24-B.

I appreciate if someone can help me

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If you upgrade from ZNET to the ZigBee certified ZB firmware (available using the X-CTU software) ZB supports a mechanism that addresses this issue. When the end device wakes, it sends a poll request to the parent. In ZB if the parent doesn’t respond to 3 consecutive poll requests, the end device assumes the parent gone, this will cause the end deviec to try and reassociate. If another parent isn’t available, the end device may associate to a new netowrk altogether.