Mesh networking capabilities

I bought a XBee ZNet 2.5 ZigBee Mesh development kit and I have been testing the modules according to getting started guide, the result of the Node discovery and range test were OK, but I couldn’t observed the mesh networking capabilities, What must be the configuration of the router/end device that I must power on between the coordinator and the out of range Router/end device to reestablish the communications?

Then, I have other question: What parameter I must change to configurate a module XBee-Serie 2 like End device? for example If I have a PAN with a Coordinator and a Router/End Device joined to this PAN, how can I configurate a module for it is joined to PAN like end device of the router?

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Yury Sanjuan


Make sure you’re using ZB firmware instead of Znet 2.5 (obsolete). With ZB firmware you can specify ‘router’ or ‘end devices’. You can do this from XCTU -> modem configuration. Set Modem:XBEE’ to XB24-ZB and ‘function set’ to ‘Zigbee end device AT’.


Thank you for your help, I did the update of the firmware to converted the ZNet modules in ZB Modules and now I can configurate the module like coordinator, router or end device, and I could verify the mesh networking capabilities.

But I have a question: How can I join a end device to a specific router?

thank you in advance for your help

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Yury Sanjuan

One way to accomplish this is to set NJ=0 on the Coordinator and all routers on the wireless network, then NJ > 0 on the router you want your end device to join. Using this method allows joining only to the router you desire.

ok thank you for your help

I will be testing the modules according to the recomendations.

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