I can not create a mesh network with 3 Xbee S2

Hi, I have created a mesh network with three xbee s2 modules

1 Coordinator
1 Router
1 End Device

Te problem is the following:

I have configured all three devices with firmware AT.
The end device speaks directly to the coordinator.
The router does not work as a bridge between coordinator and end device.

I want the router to act as a bridge between coordinator and end device also I want the router talk with other routers also I want the end device speak directly with the coordinator (as already does)

Someone could help me to set them up?

thank you in advance


If the end device and the coordinator are within range of each other, then the end device will associate directly to the coordinator and bypass the router.

ZigBee always find the shortest route.

You can try to isolate the coordinator and the end device from each other by decreasing the power levels (PL parameter).