Moving console OFF of ttyNS0 in Linux

Hello, I’m completely new to the Digi Connect ME 9210 platform. However, I’ve dealt with both ARM7 and ARM9 processors from Cypress and Samsung.

After digging around for a while, it seems as though I can move the standard ttyNS0(ttyS0) port with some u-boot configurations. Unfortunately, the only variable I’ve seen reference to is the “silent” console that seems to have no effect.

Currently, I need to be able to take over full control of the ttyNS0 serial device without any other software using it concurrently. I believe that cttyhack is currently in use on the port and might be fudging up my program. My application is working very well, and the only stumbling block at the moment is this shared-access to the ttyNS0.

Any help?

I’ve moved your post to the ME forum. Hopefully the folks that monitor the embedded forums will have an answer for you.


there are a few steps you need to do to disable the console on serial port ttyNS0:

  1.  Disable the console support in the serial driver in the project properties (see attached screenshot)
  2.  At the U-Boot-Prompt you need to tell U-Boot not to pass a console parameter to Linux:

uboot# setenv console console=none; saveenv

  1.  Disable the login shell on the console (here comes the famous cttyhack) in /etc/initab:

Start busybox console

::respawn:/bin/cttyhack /bin/sh -l

  1.  If the outputs of the U-Boot itself are not wanted, you can disable them by recompiling the bootloader with the option „silent“ by setting „silent=yes“ in the environment (BEWARE: if you do this, there will be no more messages at the serial side of the device! You will not be able to enter the bootloader! This can be dangerous in case of an error in you image files)

To get a console, you can login from the Ethernet side into the module via telnet ip_address . The you will get the busybox-prompt.