Multiple servers connected to one serial port

I have a server with data coming out of a serial port that I need to get to two virtual servers. I’ve been told that it is possible with the Digi Connect EZ series. I bought a Connect EZ 2 device and set port 1 to RealPort mode. I have created comm ports using Digi Navigator but only one server will connect at a time. I have tried changing the Sharing Mode using Primary or Peer with no success. I can’t see to find any documentation on Sharing Mode or how to configure this device to allow multiple devices to connect to one serial port.

I created a ticket with Digi but was hoping I could get a quicker answer here since they only guarantee 24 hr response time. Any guidance would be appreciated.


If Real Port isn’t critical to you then you can set the port to Remote Access and have multiple TCP connections to it (or however you set up the access as needed for your environment).

I’ve used a single port on a Connect EZ to at least 4 separate connections one way - they were all just receiving serial data stream.