multiple sockets on RCM3000

I have an application which uses uCos as the OS and supports 2 sockets. I have tried to expand to 3 sockets, but the system becomes very flaky. I have allowed the defaults for the stack, so according to the doco, the TCP buffers are 4096 and the allowed max sockets are 4. Not sure what to do to debug this issue, if I wind back to 2 sockets everything works fine. The following info is obtained from the 3-socket version:

Root code: 0000 896A 896B
XMEM code: 0C800 358A0 290A0
Watch code: EE00 EFFE 01FF
Stack: D000 DFFF 1000
Root data: C9E8 9527 34C2
Root Constants: 00000 018E2 018E2

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi bill, i develop only with plain dynamic c but i’ve seen that if i use tcp_extopen(… )
using myself allocated buffer the problem doesn’t appear.