Multiple Transmitter ?

I don’t understand something about Xbee series 1 which has CSMA/CA algorithm. Is it possible to have data lost ? What should I do to solve that?


It is still possible to have data loss, due to interference, data collisions etc. When setting up a netowrk, it is recommeded to select a channel (frequency) with as littel RF interference as possible. You can then also set the CSMA/CA threshold using the CA paramter. Retransmissions can also be employed, using the RR parameter.

There is never a guarantee that data loss will not occur, rather it is best to take as many steps as possible to restrict or prevent data loss to acceptable levels in the particular environment that you are operating in.

Thank you very much for your description.
In case of data loss solution, Is xbee series 2.5 better than series 1?