My xbee is not being read in x-ctu and keeps giving error.


I have recently purchased an Xbee (series 1). I have connected it to the xbee explorer board properly. I have
x-ctu (version. When I open I pressed test query and it gives and error and then disappears then says “successfully connected with modem”. However the modem firmware is blank. Then I go to modem config and click read then it says this error " action required and verify com port selection and then do the action below." I did the action which was press the reset button and nothing happened.
I could not figure what to do. I have tried many different things. My xbee or software will not let me edit my xbee.

So if you guys out there could please help me with my problem it would be amazing. I am trying to do this for my school project and I cold really use some help. So please help.

Regards-Rahul :slight_smile:

When we originally set this up with 3 sensor nodes, we had good data for a number of days, and then it was suddenly gone. The only way we were able to get communication restored was to shut down all nodes and then bring them up again. We noticed at the time that the
RSSI lights on our controller node were solid, indicating to us that there was a significant amount of network traffic, even though our applications received nothing.


Not using the latest firmware (especially if ATD0 or ATIR is giving an error)* … up TX and RX pins (fastest way to check this is switch the wires and see if it starts working) … if your radio seems dead or you keep getting an error you don’t understand. … i have a zigbee hardware(xbee series 2 ) connected to x-ctu on windows.