unable to read xbee in xctu

i m using xbee 802.15.5
everything was working fine means at mode commands was working. but to communicate two xbee i have changed setting of both two. and just after that i m unable to even read my xbee which was working fine. i have tried so many procedure to restore but nothing is working.
please give suggestion to resolve this problem.

Try resetting the module back to factory defaults. Look at the underside of the module to determine it’s type. It should look something like this:
XBP24 - (blah)

Use XCTU to reset it. Goto:
—XCTU -> PC Settings. Set baud to 9600 and uncheck ‘enable API’.

— XCTU -> ‘modem configuration’ tab. Match the pulldown ‘modem: xbee’ menu with the module type. Example XBP24 = XBP24.

— press 'show defaults ’ button.

—then select the ‘function set’ which is = XBEE PRO 802.15.4.

— check ’ always update firmware’ and press ‘write’ button

You can also try with “Restore” button in Modem Configuration tab. If this didn’t work, reflashing the firmware is the best solution.