Need help regarding Flash

Hi all,

We are working on RAbbit4000 microprocessor for our Lighting control application.First we worked on Development kit and it is working fine.We designed our customized board using the design provided by Rabbit without any modification.But when we tried to download the code in to Flash we are facing the error as"TIMEOUT WHILE WAITING FOR RESPONSE FROM TARGET"during compilation.We suspected Flash might got corrupted so we replaced the flash.The Falsh we are using in our customized board is same as in development kit.The Partno of Flash is SST39LF400A.

When we try to download the code in to RAM (both compilation and execution) it is working ,but getting Timeout problem after sometime.

So plz advice me and send solution for my problem.

Once it is in production, we will required atleast 1000 pieces of Rabbit.
So plz help us in this regardas it is very urgent as we are missing out our deadlines.