Timeout while waiting for response from target

Someone knows in detail the steps to be carried or check for this error?
My setup is a custom plate with rabbit 3000, I set the delay and Retray the door with no success.
Once finished loading the program in flash appears the error.
The door by verifying the micro before loading the program works in both directions.
The program is demo1, but behaves in the same way with any program is loaded.
The clock to 32KHz is OK
The clock is ok 22,1MHZ
I already replaced the SRAM BBRAM, the LAN port without success.
Does anyone have a program to be loaded to understand this problem?


Don’t have one but this might be related to dual processors.

Please see TN257 and the file below it at this link


for a utility to use when running DC6 or DC7 on a computer with dual processors.

Also, take a look at this thread: