Need help to update WR31 mobile int carrier firmware

We have some NEW WR31 units that have an older verison of the Verizon Carrier firmware. Current file is SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06 and other deployed WR31 units have a newer version. I have been able to find files for the SierraWireless MC7455 that are version SWI9X30C_02.33.03 but having issues.

First we cannot FTP the files onto the WR31 memory. There are three files and the only one that uploads is the firmware.md5 file. The *cwe and *nvu files fail to load and the FTP tool just says it fails to start transfer.

Second issue is we do not see how to activate them. there is a command line command “carrier all” but says its for the Telit modems only and this is a Sierra Wireless modem chipset.

I know it can be done via the initial carrier select wizard but I cannot get it to show up when I select Wizards now. Is there a way to manually launch a wizard from the cli as I can see the wizard is called carrierwiz.

Thank You


You need to download the linux version of the files from the sierra site.

rename the cwe file to 330300.cwe. rename the nvu file to verizon.nvu

download this file as well

delete all *.cwe files and the car_7455.txt on the router.

FTP/SFTP the new car_7455.txt and the two renamed files.

run the “carrier verizon” command from the command line.

You will need to make sure you have a verizon SIM and valid connection on the router before starting.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT