Need help with PCB designing

Hi everyone!

I am new to this forum. I was literally searching about a broadly discussed article on PCB. And here I found yours. Let’s come to my problem. I have designed a new Flexible PCB, and working with only two layers. Therefore, I cannot extend the ground plane or further move the decoupling capacitors closer to the module. I tried to develop the layout a little to reduce the ground loop effects and also added a fancy new effuse for power protection purposes. Other new features added are a small connector for testing I2C peripherals and a couple of LEDs driven by the MOSFET array.

Sorry if it’s not the relevant forum to ask such a question.

Thanks in advance

I don’t see a question here. What I would suggest though is try using a module that has the RPSMA connection instead. This way you can move the antenna away. You can try placing the radio so that it is on one end of the PCB away from other devices and have it hang off.