XBee 868 OEM compact design with chip antenna

I am designing a compact desin with XBee PRO 868 Module. I need to communicate around >300 m and the design should me small. so i am reluctant to use Whip antennas.
Can Digi employee or any otherone tell me, can i intergrate the 868 Module to a chip or PCB antenna…? If i can design a 868MHz antenna how can it connect to this module instead of whip antenna…?


I would recommend using a custom designed PCB antenna with an external antenna connector. Then you can use the U.FL antenna option of the radio with a cable to connect the two or even mount the antenna direct to this connection.

The 868MHz XBee radio is available with a Wire antenna, U.FL, or RPSMA antenna connection. The U.FL and RPSMA, are connection options for external antennas. The Wire antenna is a quarter wave monopole antenna which is flexible and attached directly to the radio PCB.

The best orientation of the antenna is perpendicular to the radio PCB, but can be bent otr otherwise oriented such that it would use a lower profile and still give reasonable results, without the need to purchase additional antennas.

Hi musshel,

Thanks for the reply post. But i think i didnt get the complete idea of what you said.
What i am thinking was connect an external PCB antenna to the Module instead of that whip SMA antenna. What did you mean by “PCB antenna with external antenna connector” ? If i can connect PCB antenna what is the use of external connector…? and what is the meaning of U.FL antenna option ?
can you please clear me this out…?

Thanks in advance… !

~ epa

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