Module dimensional drawings

The manual for these modules has two drawings: “OEM RF Modules (antenna options not shown)” and “RPSMA variant.”
After quite a bit of searching, I still can’t find drawings of the modules with the various antenna options. Are such drawings available?

I’m trying to evaluate which of these would work best in a space-constrained application, but we want to use one of the pre-configured antennas rather than adding our own.


The XBee module is offered with a wire whip antenna that is great for limited-space situations. The whip is a 1/4 wave antenna and thus needs a ground plane to be most effective. Normally the modules acts as the ground plane, but this can change if the wire is bent at a different angle. This must be taken into consideration. How are you planning to position the module and what orientation will the antenna have to the ground plane (module)?