XBee SX 868 RF Pad

Hello, is it possible to solder my own whip antenna (or other type of antenna) directly to PIN 36 at the XBee SX 868 RF PAD version?
The datatsheet says, when i like to add an external antenna, i need to create a microstrip trace for the 50 ohm impedance. But i want to add the antenna directly to the module with no need of creating a PCB layout.

Any ideas to add my own antenna to this RF Pad XBee’s?

That may work but I have never tried it. The one thing I would be worried about is damaging the pad as it was not designed for that.

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The antenna i want to use is a 50 ohm antenna too. So there shouldn’t be any impedance loss over the antenna and the xbee pin 36.

It’s all about to save space at my project so i need to use the xbee rf pad version to add my own antenna with no u.fl connection.

It would be better to still use the RF pad version but run a small traces on your board and then mount the antenna to that board.

But it’s right that the RF output pin 36 has an impedance of 50 ohm? I would like to use this type of antenna https://www.radiocontrolli.com/admin/immagini/radio_controlli_controls_radio_made_in_italy_rc-ant-868-97.jpg

Thank’s mvut for your answers!

It would still be better for you to mount that antenna in a hole on your board with a small trace running from the RF pad. This way, you have more than just the thin material on the side of the module in which to hold it as a mechanical fastener.

Hey mvut,
so far my test results are very good with the antenna soldered onto the module PIN 36 for my remote device.
The RSSI at the range test in XCTU is very similar to the RSSI with a dipole antenna.