XBEE 3 mmt, ufl, chip antenna and rf pad

I am designing a pcb for using the mmt xbee 3 version. I am planning to add a sma connector for rf pad version, however I am not sure if it is problem for the others no rf pad versions. I am planning to make a generic pcb for these 3 antenna versions.

Jealcuna, As long as you don’t connect the RF pad pins for the other options, I don’t see it being an issue.

The pcb will be generic. This means, the RF pad will be routed until a footprint for sma connector. Of course I will not solder the sma connector for the ufl or chip antenna version. However the route can not be deleted as this is in the pcb.

And this is my big concern.

Each of those versions has a different internal route/connection.

For the non-RF pad version, pin 36 is not connected, rather the antenna is either routed to the board for the uFL antenna or PCB antenna.

Bottom line, they are not interchangeable…at least not without modifying to route your own RF line back and forth. Additionally, check the XBee Reference documentation regarding PCB design, as each require unique design considerations to support the highest quality signal.