Manually solder UFL connector on RF pad module? Possible?

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I designed a PCB past year using an Xbee3-MMT with UFL connector (XB3-24Z8UM-J), sadly this version seems to be out of stock everywhere (Thanks to the global chip shortage I guess…).

I’ve noticed that the Xbee3-MMT RF pad version (XB3-24DMRM-J) contains the UFL footprint in it’s pictures, but without the UFL connector pre-attached. Is the UFL footprint internally connected on the RF pad versions?

I’ve PCB’s left over from previous year, I’m hoping that it’s possible to manually solder some UFL connectors onto the RF pad version.

Thanks in advance.

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No it is not. But you can use the RF pad version to move the U.FL connection to your PCB and connect it that way.

Well, that’s sad…

In that case I’ll have to add an U.FL connector to my PCB design and reorder a new batch, as you suggested.

Guess the 20+ PCB’s from past year (without U.FL connector) will be around a bit longer, let’s hope the shortages get resolved faster than expected…

Thanks for the update.

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You could buy the XB3-24Z8US-J SMT module and de-solder the MMT modules using low temperature solder (or paste).