What are the differences between U.Fl and RF pad versions of modules?

I have a question about the XBee 865/868LP modules, U.Fl vs RF pad versions. We are redesigning our circuit board to transition from the U.Fl version of this module to the RF pad version. Will there be any firmware mods required to make this transition? I.E. are there any differences between the modules that I need to know about when writing the firmware (different amplifier settings, different RF switch settings, etc), or are the two modules identical except for the RF connection? Thanks!

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The difference is that a U.FL is a mechanical type antenna connector where as the RF pad is designed for you to add a 50 Ohm trace or antenna directly within your PCB.


I know the difference between the antenna connectors. My question was: is this the ONLY difference between these modules, or are there any other differences between these modules?


IPAD use U.FL the 4th version, name MHF4, the size is the smalles in UFL area


In the RF pad model, where does the antenna connect? by the pad that is seen at the top? or by pin 36 on the side of the module?


Thank you

That would be the ONLY difference in them.