XBEE3 MMT U.FL empty footprint on RF-PAD version usable (internally connected)?

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I’ve some custom PCB’s left over from past year and was hoping to reuse them in an upcoming project. I usually use the U.FL Xbee3 version (XB3-24Z8UM-J), so my PCB doesn’t include an connection on the RF-Pad. The project uses an aluminium enclosure, so it needs an external antenna.

I’ve noticed that the Xbee3-MMT with U.FL connector (XB3-24Z8UM-J) appears out of stock everywhere, due to the global chip shortage I guess. I’ve also noticed that the Xbee3-MMT with RF-pad (XB3-24DMRM-J) contains the same U.FL footprint without pre-soldered U.FL connector (and it’s currently in stock).

Would it be possible to manually solder an U.FL connector on the RF-pad versions empty footprint? Is the footprint internally connected?

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