[NET+OS 5.1] Using PPP with an external serial port

I have two external serial ports via an UART chip. I would like to use PPP with one of these ports. I have written device drivers for the ports which have name and channel “/com/2”, 2 and “/com/3”, 3 respectively. In ppp_api.h the allowed serial ports are defined as 0 and 1, and I assume that these refer to the internal serial port channel numbers. If I call PPPSerialInit() with PPPSerialInit(2, PASSIVE_CONNECTION_MODE, SIO_9600_BAUD) I get an OPEN_PORT_ERROR (5). If I use e.g. PPP_COMPORT1 instead of the 2 in all PPP setup calls I get SUCCESS. Unfortunately, 0 and 1 seem to be hardcoded in the PPP library and therefore does not allow any other channel numbers. Is it in any way possible to get the PPP API to work with external serial ports? Could one way be to change channel numbers for the external serial ports to 0 and 1 and have channel numbers 2 and 3 for the internal ports? Would that cause any nasty side effects? Best Regards, Fredric

PPP only works with serial ports on Net50 chip This is also the case for NetOS 6.0 I think that Netsilicon should “address” this issue

To clarify it only works with serial ports on the Net50 and not any other “external” serial port. I am guessing its the same for the NS7520

Is this really the case? I use the NS7520 chip and I have seen nothing in the NET+OS 5.1 documentation that suggest that PPP does not work on the NS7520. Where have you seen the information that it only works on the NET+50 chip?