I need to assign as much flash file system space

compiled image.bin results are

Compressing blram.bin to blram.bin.compressed
Using LZSS Encoder/Decode (v2)

Input bytes: 73424
Output bytes: 38685
Compression ratio: 48%

Generating header.bin from blram.bin.compressed for BOOT header
Image Type: Compressed
Image Size: 38685
Flash Offset: 0x0
RAM Address: 0x0
Backup Image Address: 0x0
Assembling blram.s
** Save bsp targets in project
Finished Building Bsp

Building target: image.bin

Compressing image.uncompressed to image.uncompressed.compressed
Using LZSS Encoder/Decode (v2)

Input bytes: 1044160
Output bytes: 641705
Compression ratio: 39%

Generating image.bin from image.uncompressed.compressed for BOOT header
Image Type: Compressed
Image Size: 641705
Flash Offset: 0x10000
RAM Address: 0x4000
Backup Image Address: 0x50150000
Finished building: image.bin

under project properties flash memory map
I set total flash size to 4M as my module is 9210 4/8

now how do I decide how to set up the other variables appropriately?

Backup Image ?
File System size
Application size?


 I am not sure I understand the question. In the Flash Memory Map is a set of sliders. You can slide them back and forth. The S/W ensures that you do not go over 4MB. You must, of course remember the following:

NVRAM takes up 64KB. This is non-negotiable.
The boot loader (unless modified) takes up 64KB. This is non-negotiable. 
If you do not want a backup image, set it to 0.

I believe by default, any FLASH space NOT taken up by the application, the bootloader, the backup image, NVRAM is given to the file system.

What else do you need?

I don’t see the default behavior you describe.
if slider is set to 1024K I get that not more.

Since I need to maximize flash file system storage available
I wolud know how to properly set the application and backup dimensions.

I see customize.Idr is where variables are set

Yes I had not used the slider in a while. As you increase the size of the file system, the slider decreases the size of unused space, up to the 4MB limit. Further you are correct that ultimately, the slider updates the file customize.ldr. You have the option of directly updating customize.ldr, but we recommend using the slider.

The output from the build tells you the size of the application and the backup application. So,
MAX_FLASH_file_system_size = (Total_FLASH_space - (bootloader_size + NVRAM_size, + application_image_size + backup_image_size))

OK thanks one last doubt

Using the sliders minimum value is 64K you said that if no backup image is desired
(I would read something about how backup image can be used do you have a document?)
I could set it to 0 but as I said min with sliders is 64K can i safely write BACKUP_RECOVERY_MAX_SIZE_IN_FLASH 0 ? or it has to be 64K

Compressed Image Size: 641705 the closest value I can get is 760000
that is the size I have to use for application image?

The backup image is used by the bootloader in cases where your primary application becomes corrupt. Before running the primary image the bootloader calculates a CRC for the image. if the CRC does not agree with the CRC in the header, the image is considered corrupt. IN that case, the backup image is run. Generally you want the backup image include the FTP server, so you can reload your primary image. It is optional.

I believe in customer.ldr you can set the size of the backup image to 0, assuming that is what you want. What you do with this is application specific.

I believe the answer is similar for the application size. It is possible that the granularity in using the sliders is large. To set sizes with a finer granularity directly update customize.ldr.