[NET+OS] Which Thread executes the naEthBypassTransmit Callback Function ?

The naEthBypassTransmit functions transmits an Ethernet bypass Packet.
Once transmitted, The driver frees the packet but not the data buffer.
A txCompleteFn callback is used to free the data buffer.

I would like to execute more code in this callback.

The question is : Which Thread executes this callback ?

just put a breakpoint in that function and once you stop there, look at the call stack. You will see in what thread you are.

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunaly I work without JTAG Emulator (connectcore module embedded in device).

tx_thread_identify returns a non null pointer.
But tx_thread_info_get (to get thread name) returns TX_THREAD_ERROR.

I retrieve the name with ->tx_thread_name.
“ByPass Send Comlete”.
Now I can see in eth_api.c that one thread is especially created for this callback

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