Network Question

I am in the process of replacing some Radiotronix modules with XBee Pro 900 modules on our control systems. The control system consists of one or more base stations that can each communicate with up to four remote stations. With the Radiotronix modules the base stations were configured as “masters” and the remote stations were what they called “normal”. Remote stations only transmit when they receive a message for them.

Is there a way to configure the XBee Pro 900 modules to work in a similar manner? It seems there are two requirements, first a base station must be able to communicate with the set (4) of remotes assigned to it and second the microcontrollers attached to the modules in the remote stations must only receive data from their base station and not other base stations or any of the other remotes.

Perhaps there is an application note or two I can be pointed to in order to learn this.

Thank you,

Not sure if this is exactly what you need but here is a Knowledgebase on this subject

Setting the ‘master’ Xbee-900Mhz unit to broadcast and each of the remote to unicast back to the master should do what you want.

Thank you for that advice, it is the direction I am going,