Point to Multipoint configuration problems

Hi there,

Probably a super simply question - apologies if it is.

I’m trying to set up a point to multipoint network.

I have used this document
Digi - getting started guide” and have configured my xbees as described on page 16.

(The base DH = 0, DL = 0xFFFF and MY = 0
The remotes DH = 0, DL = 0 and MY = the number assigned)

Some modules are talking some are not. I’ve checked the Baudrate on them all too to make sure that’s the same.

I am mixing units (all series 1)

Currently the Base is one of the new units and works.
The 2 old remote units work.
The 2 new remote units don’t work.

The units are hooked up to an arduino sending simple serial data (using an xbee explorer)

For the non-working units the indicators show power is there but no other activity.

Any idea what I could be missing?
What other settings could be causing problems?

(I haven’t changed any other settings on the boards - the rest are all default)

Thanks for your time!

Try connecting an antenna to the U.FL connector.